CHTC MOTOR Continues to Focus on African market

Source:123 Release time:2023-06-26 17:06

    On 8th April , CHTC pure electric buses exported to Kenya were ready to set sail at Tianjin Port. The delivery of these vehicles is an important step for CHTC MOTOR to continue to expand its influence in the African market.

     Different regions of the African market have different demand for bus products, and the buses delivered this time is right-hand drive 9m pure electric bus. In terms of product development, targeted improvements were made according to Kenyan road conditions, focusing on strengthening the strength of the body structure, and its hard frame structure laid a solid foundation for improving the overall performance of the bus.

   In addition, this electric bus can accommodate 36 passengers, can travel up to 300 kilometers on a single charge, and is equipped with DVD display, front LCD display, on-board security surveillance camera and other equipment; Equipped with an ergonomic three-point seatbelt high-back seat, it provides passengers with a comfortable and safe travel experience. 

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