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Hexahedral Assembly Equipment


Hexahedral Assembly Equipment

Description: Numerical control tire assembly equipment for bus body is a production process commonly used by bus manufacturers in mass production, and it is also the main way to improve the efficiency of the production line. The combined assembly of the bus body frame realizes the combined welding/riveting of the six large pieces of the bus through the rapid positioning of the left and right side frame of the bus. The left and right frames are driven by hydraulic pressure and positioned by numerical control machinery, with high repeat positioning accuracy. Side wall positioning selects body window pillars, window upper beams and skirts for positioning, and the positioning mechanism can be adjusted by numerical control to achieve the purpose of strong versatility. Underframe positioning usually uses a craft trolley to coordinate with an underframe lifter for underframe positioning. The power of the lift adopts the structure of worm gear screw lift, and guide devices are installed on the lifting and both sides to make the lifting stable without lateral shaking and ensure that it can withstand a certain lateral force.

Function: Used in the welding/riveting workshop to realize the hexahedron joint welding/riveting work of different series of models. It is fast, accurate, stable and safe. The PLC system can store 500 types of models.

Features: strong versatility, high precision, high transition speed

Hexahedral Assembly Equipment

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